Annual Fund

What is an Annual Fund?  A beautiful gift giving opportunity!

Monetary and spiritual gifts of prayer are a priceless investment.

Why should you give?

  • Your gift will continue the tradition of over 130 years of Catholic education in this community.

  • Your gift is a commitment to quality education and to the Catholic teachings and values.

  • Your gift helps develop the future leaders of our Church and our community.

  • Your gift is recognition of the educational support of previous generations.

  • Your gift has a positive effect on the students who attend St. John the Baptist Catholic School.

  • Your gift will help provide an educational alternative for the community.

  • Your gift enables St. John the Baptist School to enhance the development of religious and personal values in an atmosphere of academic excellence and discipline.

How much should you give?

This is a personal decision.  We hope that you will make a contribution that will be comparable with your giving to other causes.  For some that will be a gift of a few dollars, while for other if may be several thousand dollars.  No gift is too small.  You may also make a pledge to donate before June 30, 2022.  Any whatever you choose, we ask that you also share your gift of prayer for St. John's - that our school continues to be a strong part of the St. John the Baptist Faith Family.

How can you give?

You can donate online by clicking on the link below or send in your donation to the school and mark Annual Fund on the memo line. or  Use our Venmo Account @stjohnsmithton


When you invest in the Annual Fund, you will receive a thank you letter acknowledging that your tax-deductible contribution will help support the mission of providing a quality education at St. John the Baptist Catholic School, and for your tax purposes, stating that no goods or services were provided in connection with the contribution.