What Students Say:

  • "I wish I would have gone there since Kindergarten."

  • "St. John's is a really great school.  Every morning I wake up knowing I will be doing something fun, such as working on an art project, reading an exciting book, or just playing basketball with my friends at recess."

  • "One thing I like about St. John the Baptist is my friends can't get any better and we are going to stick together to the end."

  • "One thing I really like about St. John's is that it's like home."

What Parents Say:

  • "We send our child to St. John's for a better education and a smaller class size."

  • We send our children to St. John's because we believe in Catholic education.  We know that our children will get an excellent academic education."

  • "My child loves St. Johns.  We haven't had to argue about homework and just the fact that he wants to participate in extra clubs like Science and Spanish Club is wonderful!  We have been impressed so far with how much the teachers are willing to do above and beyond the normal school day.  We are excited to see the teachers holding Science Club and Spanish Club after hours on their own time.  We love the Gradebook Wizard website and appreciate hoe the teachers keep the information current on the website.  We feel that we really know what's going on at the school."

  • "We are so lucky to have each and every one of you!  The extra effort you have given over the summer really shows!  Our school seems like a happier place.  Everyone seems excited to be here this year and I think that carries over to the students.  I love the clubs you have formed.  I know it takes a lot of preparing for those meetings, but the kids have a great time and it is appreciated!  The news in Freeburg Tribune is great too.  It's nice to see some of the many exciting things our kids and teachers are doing!  Our kids are very fortunate to get the extra TLC you give.  When you come to St. John's you become part of an extended family; a family I'm so thankful for.  So, thanks again for all you do!